Dad to the Bone: Garrett Strommen

Cody DeBacker

Posted on July 15 2016

Garrett Strommen: A multilingual Dad to the bone and owner of Strommen Inc.

Dadhood is the best and good fathers deserve to be highlighted. This is a new feature at The Bad Dads Club called - Dad to the bone where we feature some of the coolest Dads we know. We ask them a few fun questions and let them take it away from there. Welcome to The Bad Dads Club - Garrett Strommen.

Please tell us a bit about who you are?

Garrett Strommen: My name is Garrett Strommen. I started Strommen Inc, a language school and language services company (translation, film and tv dialect coaching) about 7 years ago. Now we are the highest rated school in LA. Fatherhood is my main gig with our son Miller (2) and our daughter Luna arriving in a month.

How long have you been a Dad?

GS: For 2 years, but I've behaved like a Dad for a while.

Hot Dad and Mom

Were or are you a baby wearing Dad?

GS: Yes

What is a fun thing that you did with your kids this week?

GS: We got a place at the Parker Palm Springs. Miller loves going to Hotels, getting room service and swimming. 

Dad and Son at the beach

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your diaper changing ability?

GS: Ninja

What is your go to in a tantrum emergency?

GS: Miller doesn't really tantrum. But I will give him my iPhone with Minions, Curious George or Finding Nemo when we are out to dinner. Other times it's a lollipop if he gets hurt and I have one handy.

Dad and Son BBQing

What's the last movie you watched with your kids?

GS:  We went to a "mommy and me" showing of Finding Dori. Where are the "Daddy and me" movies?

What's your kid's favorite word?

GS: "Suchi" (Sushi)

Family and Baby in Hotel Room

The last book you read with your kids?

GS: Buddha at Bedtime - a gift from a spiritual friend, he loves it.

Favorite adult beverage?

GS: Dirty Gin Martini

Unique Gift for Dad

Favorite Skate Video part and/or Disney Princess?

GS: Anna

What makes you a "Bad Dad" (This is a good thing... AKA Way too awesome compared to everyone else)?

GS: I'm a Bad Dad because I'll do anything to make my kids happy (and wife). Seeing Miller happy makes me happier than I've ever been. Miller fit into my lifestyle like a missing puzzle piece. Looking back, I can't imagine life before being a Dad. I'm happy to say my friends are Bad Dads too. They are all in the club with me and it's a beautiful thing.

Cool Dad Gift

For more info on Garrett and his awesomeness, please check out his website, Strommen Inc.


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