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Amanda DeBacker

Posted on July 24 2017

We are parents just like you! We started The Bad Dads Club after we had our daughter and many of our friends became parents too. We always wanted to start a business together.

We noticed that dads with tattoos, motorcycles, creative "out of the box" jobs, or even skateboards.. didn't get the same love. And you know what, they were GREAT dads too. We started a movement of recognizing and honoring those dads. We love this club and cant what to see where it goes!

As well as owning the club, Cody works in marketing at Shopify and Amanda is a SAHM, after working in Fashion since she was 18. 

We live and love in LA! We love to collaborate and come up with new ideas. If you are a business or creative, reach out to us!

Watch our little video here! 


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