Dad to the Bone: Dennis Yu

Cody DeBacker

Posted on August 22 2016

Dennis Yu: A visionary Dad to the Bone and Director of Business Development at Society6.

Dadhood is the best and good fathers deserve to be highlighted. This is a new feature at The Bad Dads Club called - Dad to the bone where we feature some of the coolest Dads we know. We ask them a few fun questions and let them take it away from there. Welcome to The Bad Dads Club - Dennis Yu.

Cool gift for Dad

Please tell us a bit about who you are?

Dennis Yu: Director of Business Development for Society6. I am as awesome as daughters think I am.

How long have you been a Dad?

DY: I have been a dad for 2 years, 9 months, 10 days and 36 minutes

Were or are you a baby wearing Dad?

DY: Yes

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What is a fun thing that you did with your kids this week?

DY: We put together an animal kingdom puzzle

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your diaper changing ability?

DY: 10.5 speed and fit

Mom and Baby gift

What is your go to in a tantrum emergency?

DY: I call my wife

What's the last movie you watched with your kids?

DY: Kung Fu Panda 1,2 and 3

What's your kid's favorite word?

DY: "NO"

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The last book you read with your kids?

DY: The Corduroy Bear. My daughter cannot get enough of it.

Favorite adult beverage?

DY: The Discussion from Duckhorn Vinyard. It's truly for the Gods.

Favorite Skate Video part and/or Disney Princess?

DY: Ariel

What makes you a "Bad Dad" (This is a good thing...)?

DY: I am a Bad Dad because being a father has changed my life more than I can imagine. To be able to raise and support a good family is honorable. Cheers to all the Bad Dads out there.

For more info on Dennis and his awesomeness, please check out Society6 or get at him on Instagram.


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